Our Core Values

Our Core Values

Bridge of Hope organization is committed to nurturing these key values :

1. God-centered environment: to CREATE a safe, nurturing and loving environment that reflects God’s love and heart for our children .

2. Ongoing, clear communication: to COMMUNICATE our vision and mission clearly and consistently to the whole congregation, especially to parents, volunteers and children.

3. Equipping ministry: to COLLABORATE in partnership with parents and volunteers, and to assist, lead, counsel, support and train them for the purpose of rising the children from Poverty and building community.

4. Family : We are committed to assist in building strong and effective families that serve the purpose that God ordained for them.

5. Integrity: We are committed to personal integrity and holiness in the ministry. We are committed to bringing change in a positive manner.

6. Accountability: We are committed to a culture of transparency and accountability with our members and the general public.