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Play and Learn initiative

Play and Learn initiative has been designed as a day/ per week initiative that is open for children from age three to six. This program targets to meet children and parents for educative activities like educative games for preparing children and families to pre-primary...

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Early Child Education and School feeding program

Early child education has become an international and national concern, this program for the Bridge of Hope Organization is more important as it will help and reach out children to meet and benefit this program at early age in rural community

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The Program is one of the programs designed by Bridge of Hope organization in terms of keeping to assisting children who have benefited the organization’s program at early child education, so that there is a moving forward on if there are no drop outs on primary...

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For Bridge of Hope Organization; youth in rural communities are potential to become socio-economic vectors once they have been given chance and platforms which concentrate on both capacity building and start up grants.This will be aligned with fighting against early pregnancies...

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Parents of Rusororo for education development initiative PARED is initiated to interfacing with Play and lean and Bridge of Hope Organization ECDs center in Rusororo . As Bridge of Hope we recognizes that parents are children’s first and best teachers. This program will help us for reaching out...

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This program is designed for grants distribution and evaluation; the organization will be giving grants on centered groups so that the grants are running to develop the group members and the community in general based on focusing on social enterprise development...

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