Founder's Message

Dear friends,
Thank you for visiting this website.

On behalf of Bridge of Hope organization, I would like to thank you for taking your time and committing to visiting our website, it’s a great pleasure for me to welcoming you and I hope the profile of Bridge of Hope organization and its activities in regard to various socio-economic, health and education programs delineated will give you a clear picture of the principles for which the organization stands for and of which we are actively working towards.


There is nothing better in life than witnessing a positive impact in the life of an individual knowing that somehow you are an integral part of that chat journey.

The Bridge of Hope organization believes that together changes are possible therefore we are committed to supporting vulnerable children and empowering their communities through our designed programs.

We have founded this organization aiming to give our contributions to vulnerable societies and to create opportunities for vulnerable children, marginalized families, impaired individuals, mentally challenged individuals, women and youth empowerment with children as our main priority.

It’s an honor and pleasure for us to serve children and I am thankful to see how God is working with us in this Ministry by keeping on strengthening everyone in our team and providing for the needs which make our work move ahead, we will keep doing all our best to make the children’s community smile.

I strongly believe that a good number of people would definitely come forward to lend their helping hand to make our endeavor a great success.

However meager your contribution may be, it will add to the whole to bring light and happiness to ones who are in the clutches of privation We sincerely thank and acknowledge everyone who stand with us to make all of our plans come to pass, honestly we can’t do anything alone, so we appreciate your incredible generosity and ongoing support.

We hope you continue to support our work and vision " Help a child, transform a society. “and we look forward to working and engaging with you.

Founder & Executive Director