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Bridge of Hope is a registered Non – Governmental Organization (NGO) founded in 2018 aiming at providing access to education, health and nutrition for vulnerable children, at promoting and protecting their rights as well as to empower communities with family transformation programs.

The initiatives of the Bridge of Hope Organization target disadvantaged communities, orphans and marginalized children. And act to enable them to develop their unique potential and become future change agents in their societies.

  • To provide access to advanced education programs for children from early childhood to early adulthood, and to participate in the spiritual growth of the youth in their communities.
  • To create an environment with sustainable social welfare, integration and assistance in the development of vulnerable children by supporting them through education programs. 

To transform communities with education and community development programs encompassed by the love of God.

We are committed to create an environment of sustained social welfare and spiritual awareness and maturity.

Our organization’s motto:
Give Hope to the Hopeless.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. 
(Jeremiah 29:11)

Founder's Message

Dear Fellow change makers Thank you for visiting our website.

On behalf of Bridge of Hope organization, I extend my gratitude for taking the time to explore our profile.
It’s a pleasure to welcome you, and I hope the information on our various socio-economic, health, and education programs provides insight into our principles and active efforts.
Witnessing positive impacts in individuals’ lives and being part of that transformative journey is a profound joy.
At Bridge of Hope, we believe in the power of collective change, and we are dedicated to supporting vulnerable children and empowering their communities through our programs.

Founded with the goal of contributing to vulnerable societies, our organization focuses on creating opportunities for marginalized families, impaired individuals, mentally challenged individuals, and youth and women empowerment,
with children as our primary priority.

Serving children is an honor, and we are grateful to witness the positive outcomes facilitated by our dedicated team and the divine guidance that strengthens our mission.
We will continue our best efforts to bring smiles to the faces of the children in our community.

Your support, regardless of its magnitude, contributes to our collective efforts, bringing light and happiness to those facing deprivation. We sincerely appreciate everyone standing with us, as we acknowledge that we cannot achieve our goals alone.
As we move forward, we hope for your continued support in realizing our vision of “Help a child, transform a society.”

Thank you for being a part of our movement to build a world where all children, regardless of where they live, have access to quality education. With deep gratitude,

Founder & Executive Director


The idea of BRIDGE OF HOPE came to Elie NSHIMIYIMANA after seven years of working with people in less privileged communities to bring hope and better change to the lives.
He was committed to sharing his experience and skills about Community Transformation.
Therefore, he begun trainings in two separate communities, both were Kanyinya and Cyabatanzi village in Gasabo District, by assisting widows, empowering youth and vulnerable people, establishments of saving programs, advocacy and strengthening of the communities in partnership with local churches and local leaders.
The inspiration of his plans were his experiences from this journey and his God – given passion to help children in need specifically in their education as well as working with widows and vulnerable people to identify and address the underlying causes of poverty and helping these families live confident lives through Christ .

Regardless of his vision, God has directed Elie to serve his people in rural community developments programs since 2012.
He has been blessed and trained, this enabled him to serve the communities with commitment and all heartedly.
In 2018 he decided to start a Bridge of Hope organization with an ambition of assisting the vulnerable children.
As Bridge of Hope team, we endeavor to continue our work in line with Sustainable Development Goals by raising the awareness about the hardships faced by the children who lives in very poor conditions.
Bridge of Hope wishes to affirm the personality of each child and to accomplish our aim of giving hope to the hopeless.


Poverty, a big challenge to a Better future Inspire of a major reduction of poverty, more than 63% of Rwandans in general continue to live below the poverty line, with rural populations especially suffering. Poverty affects a large majority of Rwandan children, having serious effects on their access to nutritious food, education, health services, etc. Social protection programs that directly work with and benefit the poor are offered by the government and non-governmental organizations. More than 90% of Rwanda’s poor population lives in rural areas, and 80% of poor households work in agriculture, farming and other domestic services.
However, children and their families still face significant challenges.
Despite rapid urbanization, the population live in rural areas. Poverty remains widespread, the population. Living below the poverty line and living in extreme poverty. Children are disproportionally affected by this poverty, experiencing multiple deprivations of their basic needs.
Children represent a large percentage of the Rwandan population, with 42.9% of the population between ages 0 and 14 and a median age of 18.8. In addition, children make up 83.5% percentage of Rwanda’s rural population, often living in precarious situations. Children living in rural areas often have limited access to fundamental needs such as nutrition, access to healthcare, education, and protection.

Right to education

The World Economic Forum has highlighted an overarching Challenges in regards to education in African countries of which Rwanda is concerned too.
Globally there are still 67 million children out of school, 43% of who live in Africa. Many of these Children live in conflict areas or fragile states and many more live in Rural Areas. Every year 10 Million children drop out of Primary school in Sub Saharan Africa. There are a multitude of reasons to explain why these Children are not in schools. Lack of facilities, Culture, the need to be in employment and so on but sometimes simple measures can make a huge difference.
We started by protecting them especially young girls who are getting unwanted pregnancies. The enrolment of children in pre- school is still low does make them to go to child labor, the ability to read and write is very low, this increase school dropout while young girls get pregnancies at young age.
The situation is worse in most vulnerable families the parents don’t care about Education. Our goal is to support the children who are not able to get all the necessity to access Education from Pre-school and onwards. It is in this regard that we created “URUHONGORE ECD CENTER”, Early Childhood Development center “and work together with local primary schools to reduce the school dropout rate of Children who lives in poor life conditions and being a barrier to their education “Our goal is to make education an opportunity to unlock the doors to success to the vulnerable children “

General situation of child Labour in Africa

According to the report from International labor organization, (2016 Global Estimates of Child Labour) indicate that one-fifth of all African children are involved in child labour, a proportion more than twice as high as in any other region. Nine per cent of African children are involved in hazardous work, again highest of all the world’s regions. Africa has the largest number of child labourers; 72.1 million African children are estimated to be in child labour and 31.5 million in hazardous work.

Do you believe that education can change the world?

We do! And when you make a donation you help prove it. Whether you give $5, 20 $ or $200, your gift helps ensure that children have access to quality learning environments and that we can continue to build empowering partnerships with communities, partnerships that are guided by sustainability.

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