Bridge of Hope is a Non – Governmental organization ( NGO ) , started in 2013 under Volunteering activities working in the benefit of rural communities by supporting the children’s education programs, counseling, spiritual growth, health care like funding Health insurance micro - enterprise opportunities, indirect advocacy with local churches and local leaders.

Bridge of Hope has been registered as local organization authorized to operate in Rwanda to support the education of vulnerable children to enable them to develop their unique potential and become future change agents in their societies.


To establish long-lasting learning programs, advance knowledge from early childhood and youth education and development programs and to strengthen God’s values in our communities .


• To transform communities by enabling children and youth throughout Rwanda to quality education, encompassed by love of God and the acknowledgement that means are not a barrier to access basic rights at an early age.

• To create an environment with Sustainable social welfare, integration and to assist in the development of vulnerable children to their full potential, by supporting them though education Programs.


Bridge of Hope focuses on the holistic development of underprivileged children in every area of his/her life including the educational, physical, emotional, moral and social aspects.

.WHAT WE BELIEVE : Every child is a unique gift from God and he / she needs Love.

.WHAT WE WANT : A promising and better future for every child .

.OUR APROACH : Child – Family – Community – Partners

Corporate Partners

Corporations can play a crucial role in helping lift children up from hopelessness and despair to a future with opportunity. Corporations can have a tremendous influence on children and their communities. We would like to connect with responsible corporations and foundations as part of our child-centered project. We believe in the power of creative co-operation and what it can mean for a child. If your company would like to share our vision and engage in partnering with us, do email us at info@bridgeofhope.org.rw

Tell your friends

If you are not in a position to sponsor a child or make a donation, you can still make a difference by encouraging others to get involved in enhancing a child’s life.
You can support the cause by mentioning about Bridge of Hope to your friend or co-workers, suggesting them to visit our website or our social networks.
You can use the following social media to share about us with your friends.

Contact Us

To find out more about Bridge of Hope, or if you are interested in becoming in advocate or visting our work, please fill free to contact us!

Our Address :
Kigali-Rwanda, Gasabo District,
Rusororo Sector, Gasagara Cell

Contact : +250 783 885 488
Email : info@bridgeofhope.org.rw